Woodcraft Hand Guard Assembly-Right Side

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Brake lever & hand protection that makes sense!

Why protect your right side? As you may know from the Daytona 200 final lap disaster in 2011, brake lever contact can be catastrophic. In addition to preventing accidental lever contact, these guards also help to protect both your levers and your right hand in a crash.

Features you'll find in ALL Woodcraft Handguards

  • Installation
    o Clamps to any aftermarket 7/8'' handlebar
    o IMPORTANT: designed for use with aftermarket clipons (See Installation Instructions)
  • Adjustability
    o Guard length adjustable to fit a variety of controls
  • Affordability
    o Cost effective replacement parts (all pieces available separately)
  • The Important Details
    o Sloped design allows complete unrestrained hand movement
    o Engineered to absorb energy to aid in rider control during contact
    o Mandated by FIM and AMA
    o Proudly Made in USA
  • Personalize Your Ride
    o 7 color options
  • The first lever guard approved by AMA Superbike