REV'IT! TailorTech Custom Race Suit

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Steps to a REV'IT! TailorTech Custom Suit

1. Build a profile on Superbike (with email address / address / phone #)

2. Choose Your Suit

3. Choose your add-on's (or none)

4. Checkout at (flat rate shipping from Italy)

5. You'll receive an email from Superbike Supply with next steps and the Custom suit order form as well as a plan to get you measured!


Each path to your bespoke REV’IT! TAILORTECH suit is unique, far beyond a standard purchase. Select the journey that suits you, and we’ll elevate your ride to new heights of personal expression and performance.

For a suit that’s as unique as your ride, delve into a bespoke design process with REV’IT! TAILORTECH where every detail is tailored to your exact measurements and personal aesthetic. Make your mark on the track with unparalleled customization.

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