REV'IT! One Piece Xena 4 Ladies Race Suit

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For all the fast female riders out there who want to put down their quickest lap times and continually progress in their development, we bring you the Xena 4 Ladies one-piece suit. A high-tech, track tested, one-piece specifically created for women. Tailored for the track Since the Xena one-piece’s inception, a proper tailored fit was at the top of the priority list. It’s hard enough for women to find a suit for them, let alone one that hugs the body in all the right places yet also lets the rider freely move throughout the turns of the track.


Through the combination of performance cowhide, strategically placed stretch panels, and the ability to adjust the knee sliders (not only for optimal comfort but for optimal performance), we are able to help women get the most out of their suit. Ready to race When throwing down your fastest lap times, you want to feel confident that your safety is accounted for should something happen. We take care of that. The Xena 4 Ladies one piece is prepared for Tech-Air™ airbag system. That said, since the female fitting shape of the suit is smaller in comparison to the men’s suit – and also in relation to stretch panels – we do advise taking the next size up if women will be using the airbag system. Additionally, a host of supplementary safety features (BETAC® elbow, knee, and shoulder protectors), safety seams, and much more all equate to a CE Class AAA certification.