REV'IT! League 2 Gauntlet Gloves

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Leather, track-ready glove with TPU hard-shell protection


League 2 leather gloves take all the learnings from MotoGP to give you track-ready performance as well as road-ready protection and comfort with styling that’ll give you the confidence-inspiring look of a pole-position contender. Feel-good design Robust construction you can rely on at speed, the League 2 gauntlet design is fully adjustable at the wrist with double hook-and-loop straps. The supplest leathers available – cowhide, sheepskin, and goat drum-dyed – come together for strength. In fact, nine leathers and textiles are stitched together to give you handling poise – with grip, dexterity, and feel for assured lever control.


Protect and connect Hard-shell armor protects your cuffs, fingers, and knuckles, while Temperfoam® and pre-curved contours ensure the gloves fit like they should – snug with plenty of stretch. You can even use your phone without taking off your gloves, with innovative conducting yarn sewn into the index fingertip to make staying connected more convenient – literally a clever touch.