REV'IT! Excellerator 2 Base Layer Undersuit

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Moisture managing, one-piece base layer for track riders


The lightweight  2 undersuit is an essential piece of kit for riders who frequently find themselves on a track or in a one-piece leather suit. Don’t leave home without it Anatomically shaped to be worn under a leather one-piece suit, the Excellerator 2 helps to draw moisture away from the body through the use of the PWR|Jersey with elastane fabric, allowing you to stay cool when things heat up at the track. And instead of fighting with your leather suit when trying to peal it off once you’ve had your session, this undersuit takes that struggle away.


The comfort factors For additional comfort, the Excellerator 2 features thumb loops, ankle straps, a fly opening, and an easy entry, diagonal front zipper to accommodate all types of racers. It’s available in black.