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Honda CBR1000RR 2004 - 2016, SBS Brake Pad Set (2 Pads)

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SBS Brakes Pads

With OE replacement and upgrade compound for bikes with sintered pads, SBS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of world renowned brake pads among various paddock from club racers to Moto America. 


  • Designed for modern high performance, sport, big touring and adventure bikes
  • Sintered compound formulated for low wear, high thermal stability, excellent brake feel and easy modulation
  • Class-leading and high performance, developed in racing and fine-tuned for street use
  • Excellent for stainless steel or cast iron brake discs/rotors 


  • NUCAP NRS technology secures a mechanical and indestructible bonding of the compound
  • Excellent, consistent performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Ceramic brake pads offers long pad life, low dust and low brake disc/rotor wear


  • High durability and stable high performance under all conditions 
  • Strong initial bite, excellent brake feel and modulation
  • ECE R90 approved