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GP Suspension 25mm Fork Cartridge Kit

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GP Suspension 25mm Fork Cartridge Kit

"25" GP Suspension 25mm cartridges are something we’re fully confident about. They don’t just win in Road Races. In our supported regions, they dominate. Seven out of the top ten, premiere class racers in the biggest and oldest motorcycle road racing club in the United states run GP Suspension “25” Cartridges. Since 2002, Road racers have been winning and running “25’s” to take them to the top step of the box. We are supremely confident that our “25” Cartridge in your bike will measurably drop your lap times and give you increased front end feel and feedback above what you’re running now. We’re so confident, we created an industry first 30-day money back guarantee on all our products. Pay us for your new cartridges and if you want your exact bills back in less than 30 days, we’ll trade you for our cartridges, like Indiana Jones trading the idol for the whip. We design, manufacture, and assemble our race ready products in our own manufacturing facility in Ventura County, California with good old fashioned American labor. Of course, this labor is race track born and bred. But hey, it’s the best around too.

GP Suspension believes that talking to the people who build your cartridges is important. It’s important to us and it’s a very different way of doing business from our competitors who manufacture and build their cartridges entirely and wholly in China by a labor force who understands nothing about motorcycle suspension design. The efforts to save cost over quality and performance encourages us to test every kit and put personal attention into every rider’s front end.

GP Suspension supports what we sell. We offer at-track tuning through our network of GP Suspension dealers and in house motorcycle suspension tuning experts. We also are a phone call away through our own manufacturer technical tuners by phone. Our tuning comes with our product because we demand you ride better and faster on your GP Suspension equipped bike. Shoot, is your next race 5 weeks away and the guarantee runs out in 4 weeks? Call us and ask to extend it for you. We’re here to put you on the box and lower your lap times. We’re here to be your secret weapon against that one competitor that’s just so darn hard to pass. We’re here to watch you win, post a picture and tag us. We love commenting on your victories and above all, we’re proud as can be about our racers, track day junkies and road riders.

We’re all racers, trackway addicts, and adventurers at GP Suspension. We understand your frustration with lack of front end confidence and static lap times. Nothing is more maddening than not understanding what true front end “feel” is all about. We’ve all been there. We hear racers and old school riders talk about it all the time, but what is the best way for you to feel what they’re able to “feel”? GP Suspension “25” Cartridges are that answer. Getting your money back if you don’t agree is your insurance.

Try a set of GP Suspension cartridges and own your grid or your track day. Own that ride down the street to Starbucks with unrivaled USA design and quality. The stuff is THAT good!

Everything on our lineup is based on our original 25mm cartridge; the very same suspension that's taken 3 pole positions in the biggest motorcycle road race in the nation, the Daytona 200.

Every kit is custom built for its rider.

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