Brembo RCS Corsa Corta RR Radial Master Cylinder (without Reservoir)

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RCS Corsa Corta

RCS CORSA CORTA is the latest evolution in the radial master cylinder concept which combines innovative technology with the technical solutions adopted directly from the master cylinders used in MotoGP. The most significant achievement is that the RCS CORSA CORTA allows the rider to tailor the “bite point” exactly where they want it, with an easily accessible selector on the top of the master cylinder itself. The selector operates a cam mechanism to let the user choose between three different responsiveness settings: 


NORMAL setting – indicated with the letter N, the bite point starts more gradually, making it suitable for city riding or braking in poor grip conditions.


SPORT setting – indicated with the letter S, the beginning of the bite point is shorter than in the N setting. This setting produces a more dynamic response suitable for sportier riding.

RACE setting – indicated with the letter R, the position of the cam mechanism shortens the initial stage of the bite point further to produce the same immediate response of the master cylinders used in MotoGP. This setting is ideal for use on the race track, where every hundredth of a second shaved off a lap time counts.

**Brembo reservoir kit sold separately**