Brembo MKIIGP Radial Master Cylinder (without Reservoir)

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Radial Master - MKIIGP

The Brembo radial brake master cylinder ensures event faster response and more adjustable braking in all conditions of use. The result is excellent linearity between the force applied to the lever by the driver and brake response, thereby achieving a unique and incomparable feeling of braking control. The aluminum alloy master cylinder body can be forged and then worked on NC machines, or billet-machined for maximum technological expression and performance. The surface finish involves the oxidation process normally used in MotoGP and Superbike sectors. Brembo radial master cylinders are available with pistons having different diameters and several lever ratio in order to meet the customized needs of riders. And the best driving comfort is also ensured by STD and FL levers in various lengths.


**Brembo reservoir kit sold separately**