Domino XM2 Quick-Turn Throttle System

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Domino XM2 Quick-Turn Throttle System

Made of lightweight aluminum with titanium hardware, this grip is the ultimate in lightweight
performance and includes three different cams to adjust the cable pull. These are used by
the pros in MotoGP & Moto 2 racing, and now they are available for your bike!

How quick are Domino Throttle Controls?

The quickness of the throttle control is shown in degrees of rotation of the throttle tube per 1 mm of
movement of the throttle cable (°/mm). The lower this number, the quicker the throttle. So when you see
2.6°/mm which means for every 2.6°of rotation on the throttle, the cable moves 1 mm. "Max Stroke" is the
maximum the throttle cable can move

White ring: 2.6°/mm, Max Stroke 36mm
Red Ring: 2.7°/mm, Max Stroke 25mm
Green Ring: 2.9°/mm, Max Stroke 33mm

Note: Grips not included

Must Purchase cable kit

If cable kit for a specific bike isn't on the list the universal cable will be used


NOTE: While this product is 'Universal', your bike must be equipped with throttle cables, with or without a ride by wire system.