Superbike Supply sells top quality aftermarket performance motorcycle parts.  While we do our part to be as helpful as possible during your install, we have not installed every part we sell on every bike made and may be able to offer on basic guidance. reaching out to the manufacturer is usually the best and fastest way to get the answer you need.

Additionally, our expectation is that these parts are being installed by someone competent in motorcycle performance builds, repair, tuning etc. with the proper tools needed to complete the job safely and effectively. For instance a chain breaker/riveter if you are buying a chain and sprockets, or fork spring compressors and accompanying tools if you are performing a fork upgrade.  

Furthermore, companies that manufacture aftermarket parts do so by using a stock motorcycle as the template. Some parts require modifications to stock components, and some aftermarket parts don't always play nice with each other, and Superbike Supply holds no responsibility for aftermarket parts that are incompatible or require modifications to install.